New: Sync Your Data & Inventory Instantly, Easily, on Every Platform, for Free

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We’re pushing the boundaries of coworking management tech, building new ways to save space operators time and headaches, so they can focus on the things that matter.

This upgrade to our Syncaroo integration plugs into your existing management platform and syncs your space inventory and availability data, your hours, your bookings, all of it, automatically. It’s now completely free, and set-up is a no-brainer.

The future of work is flexible, and flexibility calls for better technology — not just for companies and workers, but for space operators, too. We know that as a space operator, you would rather be spending time on things like community building than on, say, copy-and-pasting the same information across multiple different platforms in order to avoid double-booking or keep information up to date. That’s why we’ve partnered with our friends at Syncaroo, the flex industry’s champions of better data, with less effort.

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Syncaroo is preaching a message we can all get behind: Better, more accurate data leads to better visibility for your space and a better booking experience for your customers — and with the right technology, the process of keeping your data accurate and up to date everywhere can be instantaneous, continuous, and hassle-free. With the next level of our Upflex x Syncaroo integration — upgraded to make live availability and booking synchronization even better —  it’s fast and easy for operators to connect their coworking management platforms — without extra time, and at no cost.

We’re on a mission to keep making the Upflex experience better for everyone involved, which is why we’re making sure that, while Syncaroo is usually a paid service, our integration is completely free. Here’s what it gets you:

  1. A streamlined booking process. Upflex users can book quickly, without having to select specific desks within grouped resources. Utilization and capacity limits are automatically checked at booking time. That means to higher utilization and more revenue.
  2. More accurate data. Automate your Upflex listings. Any bookings made through Upflex sync automatically with your management system, along with any changes you make to your listings.
  3. A better customer experience. Upflex double-checks bookings to avoid clashes and helps make sure you’ll never double-book again.
  4. Full control over the data you put out there . Syncaroo puts you in full control, letting you pick exactly what you which data you want to automatically sync.
  5. For new users, form-less account creation and population. When you connect to Syncaroo and then sign up join Upflex’s network, within minutes, this integration will pull your information from your existing management platforms and automatically populate your entire Upflex account, so you can be up and running, with accurate listings, ready to accept bookings within minutes of joining. It’s easy and free.

If you’re not already an Upflex Space Partner, you can sign up to list your space(s) on Upflex completely free — and once connected to Syncaroo, you won’t even need to fill out any forms in order to populate your listings. The integration pulls all the data in automatically.

We built this infrastructure to connect systems more easily,
help make sure data is consistent across the internet, and
to help thousands of workspaces save millions of hours of work time.”
–Hector Kolonas, Syncaroo co-founder

If you’re using coworking management platforms OfficeRnD, Nexudus, andcards, cobot, or Satellite Deskworks, click here to get started right now.

If you’re using a different management platform, just email Syncaroo with a request as they are constantly building out integrations for new platforms. They have dozens more platforms in the pipeline right now.

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