WTW Report: Great Employee Experiences Boost Your Company’s Financial Performance

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The latest report from Willis Towers Watson — It’s official: Great employee experiences (still) result in superior financial performance — makes it crystal clear: Organizations that excel in delivering a superior Employee Experience enjoy significantly higher financial performance. In a world where how we work is continuously evolving, these insights are more relevant than ever. The research highlights that high-performing organizations, those adept at fostering an engaging and enriching EX, achieve nearly 3x the revenue growth and 11x the profit margin compared to global averages.

At Upflex, we understand that the future of work is flexible. Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with this holistic approach to employee wellbeing and engagement. Here’s how we’re empowering organizations like yours:

  • Flexibility as a foundation for wellbeing: Upflex offers a diverse range of workspaces that cater to the physical, emotional, and social wellbeing of your employees. By providing access to workspaces that meet their needs, we help create a culture of wellbeing that is known to drive exceptional performance.
  • Growth through diversity of environment: Exposure to various environments can stimulate creativity and innovation. Upflex’s global network of workspaces ensures employees have the resources to develop new skills and perspectives, aligning with the growth dimension of a high-performance EX.
  • Recognition through empowerment: Offering employees the choice of where and how they work is a powerful form of recognition. It shows trust and respects their individual work preferences, contributing to a positive and personalized employee experience.

By embracing flexibility, we not only adapt to the changing landscape of work, but lead the charge in redefining what it means to create a high-performance employee experience.