Hiring in the Remote-First Workplace? Join Ginger at the Remote-First Institute

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Join Upflex’s Ginger Dhaliwal Tuesday October 25 for a Q&A on attracting and retaining top talent in the remote-first workplace.

In a post-COVID era, companies are embracing remote-first and hybrid workplace models like never before. These approaches to work come with all kinds of benefits, including flexibility — though they can also bring unique challenges: From motivation, to technology and communications, to the need for collaboration, employers are still navigating how to best support their teams and help their company culture thrive when the workforce is dispersed.

To avoid being affected by “Great Resignation,” leaders need to focus on meeting the changing needs of remote employees. On October 25th, Upflex cofounder and CPO Ginger Dhaliwal will join the Remote-First Institute to host a Q&A on attracting and retaining top talent in a remote-first environment. Tune in at 12:00 p.m. eastern for answers to all your pressing questions.

It’s free to join! Register here.