Coworking Appeal: 3 Reasons Remote Workers Are Using Shared Offices

Vibe is the first reason so many people working from home are now actively seeking a different option. We can’t argue that working from home is convenient; commuting from your bed, down the hall has its perks. However, does that fun feeling of working in your pajamas and eating lunch alone start to fade at some point? For many people, the answer is yes.

Something about commuting to a workspace designed with productivity in mind helps us stimulate fresh ideas and get more accomplished. A surprisingly quiet, yet social, space can have a positive impact on your mood. Design, amenities, color, texture, scent, furniture, lighting, acoustics, temperature and people ALL contribute to the good vibes of a successful shared office. Working from a space with the right atmosphere makes you feel slightly less stressed about the 657 emails waiting in your inbox.

The second reason more and more digital nomads are trading their kitchen table for a shared office is networking. Networking compliments almost any profession, especially for business owners and sales people. Do we always carve out time from our busy lives to network with new people though? Wouldn’t it be easier to naturally network throughout the day and not be forced to sacrifice time with family? And networking has benefits on a personal level too. Not far behind dating apps, 27% of people meet their soulmate at the place of work.

Entering a community of like-minded people from diverse backgrounds and industries helps people grow their bottom line, and even fall in love!

Lastly, adults spend nearly 40% of the day at work. That’s a lot of time sitting or standing in the same position, day in day out, without much variety. Having variety in your life, relationships, and surroundings is what makes life exciting! Remote workers are searching for a change and finding their way to coffee shops, restaurants, and libraries everywhere in search of variety. Variety is why telecommuters are joining coworking spaces, with many spaces offering no contractual commitments. The global movement to work somewhere different every day is part of what catapulted proof-of-concept for remote working programs Remote Year and Wifi Tribe. It’s clear we like variety so much that we often don’t visit the same place twice.

Where will you work tomorrow?

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