Forbes: Cost-Cutting and Talent Recruitment—Not Climate Change—Are Why Nokia And HP Inc Are Eying Coworking

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Upflex and CEO Christophe Garnier were featured in a recent Forbes article about the increasing popularity of coworking spaces among large companies like HP and Nokia. Here’s an excerpt:  

“Upflex designed a coworking booking system for the needs of larger companies by allowing their employees to book a desk, office, or meeting room anywhere, on-demand.  The Upflex app taps into a network of 8,000 locations around the world. It is the Airbnb model applied to office space for companies.”

Cost-cutting And Talent Recruitment, Not Climate Change, Is Why Nokia And HP Inc Are Eying Coworking In 2020 by Neil Edwards

“For the employee, the app allows them to choose an office space based on location, price, amenities, or type of community. A female entrepreneur might want to find a female only office space, while a software engineer might want to find a tech hub to work out of.”

“For a company’s real estate manager, Upflex means managing fewer lease agreements with office providers and more choices for their employees.  Billing is handled centrally, and usage can be tracked by the company. Upflex also provides a space manager to help companies rollout the service to their employees.

‘Company real estate managers no longer have to deal with dozens of long term leases,’ said Christophe Garnier, CEO of Upflex. ‘More importantly, our clients want access to a global network work of flexible office inventory that matches their needs and reduces their costs.'”