Space Spotlight: ‘The Psychology of Color’ at NYC’s The Malin

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Working remotely in Soho or looking for an alternative to working from home? The Malin — a stunning, high-design workspace at the corner of Mercer and Grand — turns to “the psychology of color” to help inspire your best work.

The Malin, Soho, NYC. Photo: Thomas Loof

Modern companies are fast outgrowing traditional office design. Collaborative, fully furnished, brilliantly designed coworking spaces and flexible private offices are in demand, and the Malin in Manhattan is right on trend. 

In a loft at the corner of Mercer and Grand in the heart of Soho, the Malin provides instant workspace access from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Shared spaces are designed with every detail of the work experience in mind, from handcrafted furnishings to tech-powered meeting rooms, they balance style with purpose, energy with warmth, form with function.

The Malin, Soho, NYC. Photo: Thomas Loof

The space offers a window-lined library, sound-proof phone booths and meeting rooms, private offices for teams, and hideaways defined by thoughtful interior design. Masterminded by Jordan Trinci-Lyne and Jean Morana with support from Fettle Design, vibrant color and material palettes were chosen to reflect the creativity of its members.

As The Malin co-founder Ciaran McGuigan told Dezeen, the design of each of the space’s distinct areas was led by “the psychology of color, designed to inspire our members’ best work.”

In the library, spot calming, blue-on-blue tones to enhance the space as “a refuge for silent work,” per Dezeen. The remaining areas tend toward bright, bold hues that pop — and inspire.

“Energy equals productivity and that’s a fundamental output we want the design to facilitate,” McGuigan said. “Elevated materials like mohair, leather, and rare marble were included as an aspirational touch to contrast the typical work-from-home experience.”

To boot, the Malin is an Upflex Safe Space™, which means it complies with local and global health and safety guidelines in light of the pandemic.

For downtown New York teams ready to collaborate, brainstorm and work together IRL  again, redeeming Upflex Day Desk Passes or Meeting Room bookings at the The Malin can make for  a convenient — and stylish — alternative to heading back into the office. ⁠ 

If you haven’t done so already, download the Upflex app (for Apple or Android) and book yourself — or the whole team — in.

The Malin, Soho, NYC. Photo: Thomas Loof