On-Demand Workspace: Stop Paying for Desks Your Team Doesn’t Use With Upflex On Demand

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Seamless access to premium hot desks, luxury airline lounges, private phone booths, lightning-fast Wi-Fi, bottomless coffee… these are just a couple of the perks you’re extending to your workforce when you sign on with Upflex On Demand. And managers? They get the data, customizability and flexibility they need to power the hybrid workplace. Upflex is a provider of desks, meeting rooms and private office space around the world, bookable on demand. We’ve got a smart, secure, user-friendly booking platform, a data-driven management portal chock full of insights on workspace usage and trends that empowers managers to customize their hybrid work strategy, and we’ve got a fast-growing, global network of bookable workspace, with desks, meeting rooms and offices spanning 135 countries, from hundreds of the world’s leading workspace brands, from boutique operators to WeWork and Industrious.

The world is changing fast. Upflex’s on-demand workspace solutions for desks, meeting rooms, and hybrid office space is helping companies like yours keep up.

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, and so are the expectations of employees — Upflex On Demand is designed to help companies keep up, taking your workspace strategy beyond the traditional office. And while SMBs and enterprise companies are using Upflex to cut their real estate costs “by an order of magnitude” (in the words of one CFO), it’s about more than just making hybrid office space more affordable: Upflex helps you create a remote-first or hybrid work environment that fosters agility, reduces overhead, and boosts employee experience and satisfaction, by providing the flexibility employees crave.

Cut real estate costs — not people. Scale up or down with ease.

Upflex On Demand is a seamless hybrid work solution designed to help you manage peaks and valleys in your workforce or workspace needs. Our solutions are designed to help make flexible and hybrid work more manageable, more sustainable, and more cost efficient, helping companies reduce real estate costs and staying agile in a turbulent market — while boosting talent satisfaction through enabling the flexibility your employees are asking for.

Tackle peaks and valleys in workspace demand with Upflex.
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Here’s how it works: Pick from three tiers of flexibility

When we say flexibility, we mean it. Choose from or combine our three tiers of on-demand service, or opt for a longer engagement on a hub and spoke solution or private office space — whatever works for your business. Upflex On Demand offers not just flexibility but a choice of flexibility. Whether your business is experiencing peaks or valleys in workforce or workspace needs, Upflex has you covered. With the ability to scale up or down effortlessly, companies can adapt to the ever-changing demands of the market without being burdened by fixed and inflexible arrangements.

Companies can choose from three distinct tiers based on their specific needs:

1. Monthly desk membership

For companies with frequent flexible space users, choose one of three scaled options: five, 10, or unlimited desk bookings per employee, per month.

  • Ideal for companies with frequent flexible space users.
  • Choose from three scaled options: five, 10, or unlimited desk bookings per employee, per month.

2. Monthly recurring team pool

For companies who use some flex space, and need lots of flexibility. Bookings are offset against a centralized revenue pool. Increase or decrease your commitment any time. Unused pool value rolls over month to month.

  • Suited for companies that need flexibility but also want centralized control.
  • Bookings are offset against a centralized revenue pool.
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease commitment at any time, with unused pool value rolling over month to month.

3. Our most flexible on-demand option: Pay as you go

For companies with occasional flexible space usage, a no-commitment option that lets you pay for only what you use, nothing more. We bill you upon booking confirmation. Connect payment to corporate accounts or cards at the individual or P&L level.

    • Tailored for companies with occasional flexible space usage.
    • A no-commitment option allowing payment for only what is used.
    • Billing occurs upon booking confirmation, with the option to connect payments to corporate accounts or cards at the individual or P&L level.


On Upflex’s network: A Mindspace location in Shoreditch, London. Need an easier, more affordable, more seamless way to access on-demand desks, meeting rooms and hybrid office space? Book spaces like this one, on demand.

An industry-leading hybrid office network, on-demand in our app

Your future-forward global office strategy, simplified

Give your teams instant access to the world’s best workspace in thousands of workspaces across 135 countries and 1,600 cities.

In today’s interconnected world, having a global strategy is essential for businesses aiming to thrive on a worldwide scale. On-demand workspace access with Upflex takes the complexity out of this challenge by providing instant access to over 7,000 workspaces in 80 countries and 1,600 cities. Thanks to a unique partnership with WeWork, Upflex users gain exclusive on-demand access to WeWork spaces globally, adding unparalleled flexibility to their global strategy.

Workspace — desks, meeting rooms and private offices — on-demand, where your teams need it

We partner with 700+ leading flex space brands around the world, to offer locations where your employees are — and not just in major markets. Unlike traditional solutions that focus on major markets, Upflex understands the importance of being where your employees are. P

Our on-demand flexible workspace network — constantly expanding to new markets

The world is witnessing a shift towards more distributed teams, and Upflex is evolving alongside this trend. Every month, hundreds of new desks, meeting rooms, and private offices are added to Upflex’s network, ensuring that your company can tap into emerging markets and accommodate the changing dynamics of the modern workforce.

Hundreds of leading space providers with on-demand desks and meeting rooms, WeWork included

Thanks to our strategic WeWork partnership, Upflex users get exclusive on-demand access to brands including WeWork spaces around the world, only on Upflex.

Book meeting room, desk and offices pace where your teams need it 

Upflex On Demand is not just a service; it’s a solution crafted to tackle the peaks and valleys in workspace demand. Whether you’re a large corporation or a growing startup, Upflex provides the tools and flexibility to optimize your workspace utilization, ensuring that you are always aligned with your business objectives.

Constantly expanding to new markets

Teams are getting more distributed — so is our reach. We add new desks, meeting rooms and private offices to our network by the hundreds, every month.

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