Upflex Is Powering Newmark’s New Portfolio Strategy Tool, Optality

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The future of work is here. Companies around the world are focused on building workplaces that agile, accessible and inspiring, shaped by human experience and by evolving technology. These workplaces are dynamic. They’re flexible. And they’re connected. To crystallize this vision, they need a new toolset.

The world’s largest and most successful real estate brokerages have a finger on the pulse of this change — and the toolsets needed to help enable it. Increasingly, brokerages are partnering with technology companies who can support this transformation. That’s why Newmark is launching Optality, a smart, new platform that helps enterprise businesses optimize their office space, powered by Upflex.

Through an intuitive mobile app built by Upflex, users can search and book workspaces anywhere, anytime, choosing from the world’s largest network of flexible space. Truly global organizations will use Optality to connect their remote and hybrid teams with high-quality workspaces on demand, across thousands of properties in more than 70 countries.

With Optality, Newmark’s clients will have access to all the space they need without the burden of multiple service agreements or asset-heavy real estate portfolios, and employees can book that space on the go to power flexible work and keep business moving.

“More than ever before, businesses need hybrid work models and sound strategic advice to address a multitude of priorities including talent attraction, employee retention, sustainability and more,” Newmark GCS Chief Executive Officer Rick Bertasi said in a press release. “Optality is the newest innovation in our full spectrum of portfolio solutions, from global corporate strategy to workplace design to workforce enablement.”

Newmark is leveraging Upflex’s technology not just to keep real estate costs reasonable and enable true workplace flexibility, but to support companies’ sustainability goals and help them reduce their carbon footprint, reducing commutes and using real estate more efficiently.

Combined with Newmark Global Corporate Services’ existing toolset for portfolio strategy and data analytics, Optality is all about enhancing clients’ ability to optimize their portfolios and their workplace — nurturing talent, managing smart space usage, and enhancing sustainability. This launch builds on Newmark’s recent acquisitions of international agile workspace providers Knotel and Deskeo, which are also helping providing additional choices and seamless space bookings for enterprise clients worldwide.