Space Operators: Is Your Coworking Space Ready for the Hybrid Worker?

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This month, WeWork granted their 28,000-plus member companies access not just to WeWork’s own network, but to the thousands of spaces on Upflex’s worldwide network. More than ever, space operators should prepare for an influx of a new kind of coworker: the post-pandemic hybrid worker. Here’s your checklist.

With the rise of remote work, coworking space operators are starting to see an uptick from a new type of user: the hybrid worker. And following the launch of Upflex’s new partnership with WeWork, Space Partners on the Upflex network will have hundreds of thousands of new members considering their spaces for the first time. When it comes to where they work every day, these potential new coworking customers have the flexibility to choose between the comfort of home, the social interactions of the traditional office and the best-of-both-words amenities of a coworking space.

This is a pivotal moment in a rapidly evolving industry: Right now, coworking spaces could up their memberships, find new tenants, and expand their communities. But with this new business opportunity comes with a different set of expectations than the remote-first workers that operators are accustomed to serving. To attract these workers — and to ensure they keep coming back — operators need to optimize their spaces for this new world of hybrid work

From your A/V offerings to your decór, lighting and kitchen amenities, operators can gear up to offer newcomers the best of both worlds: the comforts of the home office and the connectivity and connectedness of the traditional workplace.

I wrote up some of my recommendations, based on being a space operator myself (of the coworking and incubator space Spark Labs in Manhattan) and on observations here at Upflex, of what we’re seeing our users look for. Head to for the four key things I think operators need to consider in order to make the most of this transitional moment, to make sure your offerings bridge the gap between the traditional offices and home offices users may have to choose from, and to help this new pandemic generation of hybrid workers feel right at home in your space.

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