In the Fast-Growing World of Hybrid Work Tech, What Sets Upflex Apart?

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For Syncaroo’s Market Makers Q&A series, Upflex co-founders Ginger Dhaliwal and Christophe Garnier talk with Syncaroo’s Hector Kolonas about how Upflex started, what sets it apart, and how we’re leveraging tech to solve challenges for space operators.

When asked about the origin of the idea for starting Upflex, Ginger Dhaliwal shared with Syncaroo’s Hector Kolonas that, about four years back, she and Upflex co-founder Christophe Garnier were “itching to do something new.”

“We started having very profound conversations over coffee and occasional cocktails about the macro changes occurring around us in life and work,” she said. “We live in a world where it’s no longer possible to turn off work at the end of the day. Our work is always in our pocket, and we live in a connected instantaneous world. We can’t escape the demands of our jobs. So, how do we create a more balanced, sustainable work-life and continue to be happy and thrive as people? And as we started digging into the research, we realized there was an opportunity to create a new paradigm of working — one that meets both the demands of the organization and the work-life balance that we all crave. That is the genesis of Upflex: flexible organizations, happier people.”

In a Q&A on, Dhaliwal shares more about how Upflex helps flex workspace operators; what makes Upflex’s approach different from space aggregators; the Upflex business model, and other core ideas that drive innovation in hybrid work tech. And she looks ahead to the not so distant future:

“We love to work,” Dhaliwal tells Kolonas. “We’re motivated creatures. But we want to have our work be synchronized with the rest of our lives — and our lives have become — and will continue to become, I think — more complicated. So, I hope in ten years time, there’s a balance.”

Of her vision for the not-so-distant future of work, she adds: “I hope ten years from now, we’ll have found ways to get rid of the noise so we can focus just on things that allow us to continue to be creative, and inspired about the work that we do: Get rid of the commute. Get rid of trade-offs. Integrate all of what inspires us into our day. Ultimately, we’ll be happier — and our work will be better.”

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