How the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Transforming Company Culture

Companies that have gone remote during the pandemic are experiencing newfound challenges with their distributed workforce. When it comes to human resources, the goal has always been to attract, retain and grow their talent, as well as help foster company culture. COVID-19 has impacted company culture significantly and has forced leadership to reevaluate their business — and quickly. This reassessment has been the catalyst for innovation, pivoting to stay operable, rethinking how we build our workplace and maintaining business culture online.

study from Quartz and Qualtrics found that organizational culture had improved during the pandemic. It turns out that 37% of the 2,100 adults globally that took part in the study felt their company culture had improved since the pandemic. And 52% felt more purposeful in their work since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis — which correlates with company culture and is why companies invest so much in its importance. [ Continue reading at ]

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