Coworking in Europe? 9 Workspaces Across the Continent That Inspire

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Coworking in Europe? Here are a few flexible workspaces from Upflex’s worldwide network, offering hot desks and meeting space for remote workers from Lisbon, to Milan, to Lyon and beyond.

Copernico coworking space in Milan

Copernico coworking space in Milan

Around the world, the charm of working from home all day every day is wearing off.  Brett Hartle, Upflex’s director of workplace solutions EMEA, says he’s been having conversations with all kinds of European companies and global, high-growth, remote-first companies about how to give their teams flexible access to safe, productive workspaces—and how to leverage real estate tech to make that flexibility streamlined and manageable at the same time. 

“Companies across the board are seeing the value of adding employee and workplace flexibility to their business,” he says from Warsaw. “At the same time, more people are looking for alternatives to working from the main office or out of a home office.”

Brain Embassy Adgar Park West, Warsaw

Brain Embassy Adgar Park West, Warsaw

This is true for Hartle, too, who works remotely for Upflex. When he switches up his workspace, “In Warsaw, Brain Embassy has some pretty crazy interior designs, and City Space at Rondo 1 has a great view and feels very executive and upscale. I like those two places,” he says.

Here are a few others across the continent where Hartle sees Upflex’s Europe-based users thriving.

1. Warsaw, Poland: Brain Embassy Adgar Park West

al. Jerozolimskie 181 B, Warsaw

Space operator Brain Embassy has impeccably appointed spaces throughout the city of Warsaw. Decked out with amenities, the Adgar Park West location is full of light, art, a sprawling kitchen — even a tree.

2. Lisbon, Portugal: IDEA Spaces Palácio Sotto Mayor

Avenida Fontes Pereira De Melo Nº 16, Lisboa

Ever imagine working from a palace? This 2,500-square-meter Safe Space™ in Lisbon’s Sotto Mayor Palace. In the Lisbon city center, this coworking community — fully equipped with hot desks, phone booths, meeting rooms and more — thrives with more than 300 local members. Get there easily via metro, taxi, bus or scooter.

Copernico coworking space in Milan

Copernico coworking space in Milan

3. Milan, Italy: Copernico Centrale

Via Copernico 38, Milan

Copernico Centrale boasts its location a stone’s throw from Milan’s Centrale train station — but we’ve got our eyes on those lush leather sofas and super-stylish finishes from their lounge to their library to their terrace, all designed to promote calm, focus and wellness.

4. Verbier, Switzerland: Gotham Coworking – Verbier

Rue de Médran 12 , Verbier , 1936

Gotham calls this Upflex Safe Space™ “a real mountain base camp” for intimate and efficient remote work, ideally located in the heart of the Gotham Verbier resort for “all the yetis-to-be, mountain dwellers and city dwellers wishing to work and meet between two runs in a design, fun, comfortable and professional office.”

Gotham coworking space in Verbier, Switzerland

Gotham’s coworking space in Verbier, Switzerland

5. Lyon, France: Polygones Vieux Lyon

28 rue du Doyenné, Lyon, Rhone-Alpes 

For large desks with lockable personal storage space, high-design carrels, and great community on a quaint cobblestone street lined with historic buildings, book a hot desk at Polygones. 

6. Rotterdam, Netherlands: StartDock Coworking – Westplein

Westplein 12, Rotterdam, 3016 BM

In a stunning building in the historic Scheepsvaartkwartier neighborhood in Rotterdam’s city center, StartDock’s inspiring Westplein space comes with complimentary coffee, tea, Friday afternoon happy hours and of course high-speed WiFi. They’ve built their coworking ideology around their five core values: collaboration, community, openness, coziness, and accessibility, and their motto is something all remote workers could use remembering: “You alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone.”  

Mindspace Koszyki in Warsaw

Mindspace Koszyki in Warsaw

7. Warsaw, Poland: Mindspace Koszyki

Koszykowa 61, Warsaw

Another Warsaw space? We couldn’t help it — Mindspace’s Koszyki location in the historic Hala Koszyki neighborhood is pet friendly and offers everything you need to soak up life as a Warsaw expat: bike parking, a high-end food hall right downstairs in a stunning industrial atrium (Hala Koszyki), brilliant barista, great bars, and a community of local professionals and creatives to bounce ideas off of. This is a Brett Hartle favorite: “The atmosphere and community team there are amazing too,” he says.

8. Toulouse, France: HarryCow

13 Rue Sainte-Ursule, Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees 

Vast, chic and studious, this spot in the center of Toulouse is a thoughtfully renovated industrial loft, sporting 40 open space workspaces, two meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 32 people plus private offices, lounge space and even outdoor workspace.

9. Rome, Italy: Talent Garden Cinecittà

Via Quinto Publicio, 90, Roma

Bright, friendly and full of amenities, Talent Garden’s Cinecitta space in Rome is designed to stimulate creativity. Book space here to mingle or collaborate with media professionals, innovators, freelancers of all kinds.

IDEA Spaces in Palácio Sotto Mayor, Lisboa, Portugal

IDEA Spaces in Palácio Sotto Mayor, Lisboa, Portugal


StartDock Coworking - Westplein in Rotterdam

StartDock Coworking – Westplein in Rotterdam