Coworking Lingo: 4 Terms You Should Know

New to coworking? Learn the lingo so you can sound like a pro when you visit your first coworking space.

Community Manager

A community manager is like a receptionist, except they do so much more. Community Managers greet you in the morning and are your go-to for anything you need, whether it’s showing you where to sit, teaching you to use the copier or the coffee maker, introducing you to others in the coworking space, or even suggesting the best place to grab a bite in the neighborhood.

Phone Booths

Much like the phone booths of old, just without a pay-phone in them, phone booths in a coworking space let you make phone calls in private. Today, of course, it’s not just phone calls, but Skype or Zoom calls via computer. In nearly all coworking spaces, phone booths are first come first serve.

Conference Rooms

This term is surely familiar to you, but conference rooms at a coworking space work a little differently than in a regular office, and even differ from coworking space to coworking space. Some places allow each person a set number of reservations per month, some charge per hour, and some are free. How you book the conference room is different at each space too — sometimes you speak to the Community Manager, some have an online booking system, and a few are first-come, first-serve.

Hot Desk / Flex Desk

A hot desk is a shared desk, or one that isn’t dedicated to one person. Some shared desks are individual desks, while others will be a large table with many seats and outlets. When you use a hot desk, you are expected to take everything with you when you leave, even if you’ll be returning the next day.

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