Here’s How Upflex Gives You Control Over Your Flex Workspace Strategy

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Workplace flexibility doesn’t have to be a free-for-all. Take control of your workspace strategy — and your budget — with Upflex’s people permissions.

Today’s talent needs flexibility. But bringing third-party workspace into your real estate strategy can be confusing, opaque, even chaotic. We’re here to help: Upflex makes it easy to manage every aspect of your flexible workspace strategy — including who books workspace, where they book, and how much they spend, so you can help your teams stick to flex work policies while you stick to your budget.

Use customizable people permissioning settings to manage geography, quantity, spend and more. You can also use permissioning to give managers the ability to book space for team members, streamlining meeting prep and fueling collaboration.

Build your own space network

With our custom network feature, narrow down our global network of hot desks, meeting rooms and private offices, and decide what spaces show up for an employee or a group by city, country or brand.

Refine your strategy with usage limits

With user permissions, set strategic parameters for booking to keep your flex space spend on track. Usage limits allow you to set a maximum quantity or dollar value for each space type, by team or by individual.

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