4 Reasons This 460-Employee Global Tech Firm Chose Upflex Over the Competition

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The workplace and culture manager of a 460-employee marketing tech firm shares several reasons why they chose Upflex over the competition to power their flexible workplace strategy.

Uberall, a Berlin-headquartered tech firm with a cutting-edge, cloud-based platform that allows businesses to get listed and market themselves across multiple location-based services, has had a big few years. Five years after their 2013 founding, they had raised $25 million in Series B funding, and last June, they closed a $115M Series C round to expand in North America. Today, they have 460 employees around the world.

Andreas Angelakis, workplace and culture manager at Uberall, sat down recently with Placetech in the UK to talk about Uberall’s search for a flexible workplace management platform, their choosing Upflex to help power their flexible workplace strategy, and how it’s going so far.

1. Better Geographic Coverage

Andreas Angelakis, workplace and culture manager at Uberall, manages the company’s “choice first” flexible workplace policy using Upflex.

Uberall follows a “choice first” approach, giving all its 460 employees the freedom to choose their preferred workspace according to their needs, without having to commit to any one way of working. “It’s totally up to them,” Angelakis said. “We see this as a priceless benefit that increases the quality of employee work-life.”

Leveraging Upflex, he said, allowed the company to provide their people with the flexibility to access high-quality workspaces of their choice, whenever they need, and wherever they need.

Angelakis started looking into flexible workspace solutions for Uberall about a year ago. His big priorities were fair pricing, broad coverage and quality inventory. He had spoken to a few other companies in the flex space, but he wasn’t finding the same geographical spread and flexibility he found with Upflex, he said, and Upflex’s exclusive WeWork partnership was “a big plus” for his team.

2. High-Quality Inventory, Including WeWork

“We really liked the adjustability of the various plans Upflex was able to offer, as well as its exclusive partnership with WeWork, which was very important for us. Having had active WeWork memberships, Upflex was perfect for us,” he said. “We got to retain access to the WeWork locations we’d been using while being able to take advantage of new ones in our locations of choice.”

3. Centralized Reporting and Management

So far, the Uberall team has booked Upflex network spaces for its Barcelona, London, Paris, Detroit, Montreal, and Los Angeles teams, and loving the centralized booking system, as well as the centralized management features, which Angelakis says has helped the company continue to refine its workspace strategy over time, not to mention significantly reduce its administrative burden.

“Having had active WeWork memberships,
Upflex was perfect for us.”

“The consolidated reporting and payment aspect were among the biggest selling points for Uberall,” he said. “Previously we had to manage the flexible workspace solutions used by the company ourselves, but now all the admin and billing are a part of one unified solution,” he added.

4. Fair Pricing

Uberall has been using Upflex just since the start of June, but inside a single season, they’ve seen impressive results. “Four times as many of our employees now have access to flexible workplaces,” he said, “but our workspace costs are not even double what we used to pay prior to signing on with Upflex.”

“We really feel like Upflex’s offering is
tailored to our needs, and it’s made the
transition to our ‘Choice First’ policy a lot
smoother for all of us.”

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