Designing the Human-centric Workplace

Ginger Dhaliwal discusses the creation of a fair and equitable work experience for people in the human-centric workplace.

Upflex Chief Product Officer Ginger Dhaliwal joined Steelcase’s Vice President of Workplace Insight Dr. Tracy Brower for a recent discussion on the innovation, workplace design, and the future workplace in a keynote for Design Museum Everywhere.

As the physical makeup of the workplace evolves, so do work’s psychological aspects: Trends like wellness, self-care, and work-life balance — things that seemed like amenities before — becoming front-and-center as “musts” for talent in the new world of work. Increasingly, organizations are realizing they need to focus not on the workforce as an aggregate (“Is our talent happy?”) but on the individual (“What can I do to help each individual employee in my company or on my team thrive?”).

As workplaces move away from “employee engagement” to this focus on “employee experience,” we also understand that there’s a lot of variability that put fairness and equality front and center. So, how do we create a fair and equitable work experience for people?

In the recent kick-off of Design Museum Week, I joined Dr. Tracy Brower of Steelcase in a keynote about workplace design innovation. Watch the talk below to learn a bit more about how organizations are tackling this shift.