Yes, There Is an Easier Way for Enterprises to Go Hybrid: Meet Upflex Unify

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With Unify, companies are adding their own offices to Upflex’s app, and gathering data on where, when and why employees choose workspace — data that helps them budget, iterate and plan ahead.

Upflex helps employers browse, book and manage flexible workspace from our network. But as talent’s demand for workplace flexibility has grown over the past two years, enterprise customers have needed more — they needed a way to streamline and centralize.
In response, Upflex made it possible for clients to unify their entire real estate strategy, and track utilization across all of their office spaces — what they own, what they lease, what they book on-demand through our flex network, all of them — in Upflex’s easy-to-use, data-rich platform.
This simplified approach to real estate in the era of flex work was designed to make distributed work more seamless and sustainable for mid- to large-scale owner-operators and global enterprises who own some of their office portfolio. It’s called Unify.

Meet Upflex Unify

With Upflex’s Unify solution, add your existing offices into Upflex’s intelligent booking and workspace management platform, right alongside our network of thousands of desks, meeting rooms and private offices around the globe.

Give employees the freedom of choice

Give your teams access to the world’s best workspace, from more than 700 leading workspace operators, from boutique brands to WeWork, in more than 80 countries — right alongside your own real estate. Add your offices to Upflex’s platform, and browse, book and track space usage everywhere in one simple, seamless experience.

Cut real estate costs by 40%

Upflex gives admins line of sight into how your team uses desks, meeting rooms, and private office space at your own offices and at third-party spaces, so you can give talent more of what they want, and stop paying for space you don’t use. Draw on rich data to iterate and future-proof your workplace strategy in real time.

Unify, centralize and streamline your workspace strategy.

Enterprise companies with hybrid work policies are implementing Upflex with Unify to make hybrid work measurable, sustainable and cost-effective. Upflex isn’t another add-on service for your HR and real estate teams to navigate: it’s a one-stop, easy-to-use platform built to centralize and streamline workspace browsing, booking, permissions, tracking, invoicing, agreements and more. Hybrid work can be messy and opaque, but when you bring your existing real estate into Upflex with Unify, your workspace strategy becomes seamless and convenient.

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