13 Office Decor Ideas We Love to See in Coworking Spaces

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Whether you work in a coworking environment, remotely from home, or in a large office, there’s no denying the benefits of a well-appointed workspace. After all, spending more time to create a thoughtful environment will only contribute to your overall well-being while boosting creativity and productivity. It can also provide a sense of everyday inspiration through mood-enhancing design.  

But how do you get the look right without having to spend a small fortune for the long run? To help you chart the best course of action for your work space, the interior designers at firm Décor Aid have shared a few expert ideas that you can follow with ease.

1. Make It Warm And Friendly

Nothing beats walking into a workspace that feels warm and comforting so keep spirits energized with little details that can make all the difference. Think comfort and merry ways to add a little bit of fun in the space without any distractions.

2. Position Work Surfaces By Windows

If you’re lucky enough to work in a space with windows, and even better, a terrific view, use them to your advantage and center workstations around them. This way you can take in the great view while having something that will take your eyes off of your computer screen from time to time.

3. Bring In the Botanicals

Greenthumb or not, by finding easy to manage plants you’ll not only bring in needed color, texture, and a sense of the organic, but you’ll also bring in natural air purifiers direct from mother nature.

4. Go for Pops of Color

Offices of the ‘90s and early ‘2000s were all about saturated color, and ultimately, they look dated today. So instead of going for all over color, bring in decorative accessories so you can inject your workspace with subtler doses of color that are easy to switch out as trends and seasons pass.

5. Customize Desk Tops

Let everyone personalize their workstations to a certain degree so they can be surrounded by personal items they cherish. And do consider bringing in monogrammed catchall trays that’ll keep keys, cards, and loose change tidy.

6. Use Attractive File Holders

Ditch the generic manilla file folders and opt for more stylized options that are only a little bit more expensive, but so much better looking.

7. Declutter And Keep Tidy

It’ll pay to sort through and edit your work environment every so often so you can keep tidier on a regular basis while knowing exactly where everything is, and where it should go. It’ll also help to bring in stylish storage solutions so you can put everything that’s not needed away.

8. Install Floating Shelves

Make use of dead wall space and have floating shelving installed to house books, files, and decorative options in a stylized way.

9. Consider An Accent Wall

Instead of going for all out color, create a striking accent wall that will work as an anchor in the space while adding needed depth and a visual focal point. Even better is the fact that you can paint it fresh colors whenever you see fit for a quick room refresh.

10. Use Glass Dividers

Skip out on obtrusive fabricated room dividers and go for modern glass ones as they won’t block any light or make anyone feel too isolated.

11. Source Inspiring Art

Bring your workspace to life with evocative art works that will be sure to inspire everyone every day. And do skip out on motivational pieces that say things like ‘live, laugh, love,’ as absolutely no one takes anything away from those cliches.

12. Don’t Forget Mirrors

Mirrors are an inexpensive way to bring in stylish decorative extras that will also make your workspace look and feel larger and brighter. And they’re even better for offices that are short on windows or dark in general.

13. Create A Layered Lighting Scheme

Instead of relying on harsh overhead lighting, create a warm and comforting vibe with various sources of light placed at different heights including task lights, sconces, and table and floor lamps