NEW FEATURE: White Label, to help Brokers & Occupiers Manage Workspace

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Meet Upflex White Label: a way for companies to make a hybrid workspace solution part of their cohesive, branded employee experience.

Did you know Upflex’s tech and network are the backbone to flex solutions for Colliers, Newmark and other major brokerages?

As the demand for flexible work skyrocketed post-pandemic, we heard from our enterprise companies that, as they step away from their traditional real estate solutions toward hybrid solutions that they need more cohesiveness: They want to make these new workspace models part of their branded experience.

So, in 2021, we launched a future-forward solution to this challenge, and we kept the name simple: Upflex White Label.

Upflex White Label is a dynamic module that presents a branded version of the Upflex app — complete with the company’s colors and logo — to your employees.

Some of the world’s leading brokerage firms are already using Upflex White Label

Colliers International uses Upflex White Label as the backbone for their Colliers Mobility Pass — a smart, secure way to meet their occupiers demand for flexible office space. Through Colliers Mobility Pass, their clients can tap into Upflex’s global flex network of more than 10,000 workspaces (as of January 2023) in thousands of markets — all powered by Upflex’s smart, secure, data-driven tech.

Upflex white label product

Colliers leveraged Upflex White Label to power their proprietary flex solution, Colliers Mobility Pass, where their occupiers can access private offices and other flex workspaces on demand.

Newmark is also using Upflex White Label to power their flex portfolio strategy platform, Optality.

“More than ever before, businesses need hybrid work models and sound strategic advice to address a multitude of priorities including talent attraction, employee retention, sustainability and more,” Newmark Global Corporate Services CEO Rick Bertasi said in a press release when the platform launched. “Optality is the newest innovation in our full spectrum of portfolio solutions, from global corporate strategy to workplace design to workforce enablement.”

Newmark is leveraging Upflex’s technology not just to keep real estate costs reasonable and enable true workplace flexibility, but to support companies’ sustainability goals and help them reduce their carbon footprint, reducing commutes and using real estate more efficiently.

How could Upflex White Label boost your business?

Thanks to White Label, any enterprise can offer the ease of booking on-demand desks, offices and meeting rooms through Upflex — with access to our global network of thousands of workspaces in over a thousand cities around the world — while presenting it as an employee benefit of their own.

The experience works like this: Employees download Upflex from the app store. When they log in with their company email address, they see their employer’s branding. When they book workspaces on-demand, they do so within a unified, branded company experience.

Learn more about how companies and brokerages are already leveraging White Label, or have a one-on-one conversation with a member of our sales team about how White Label could work for your company by booking a few minutes with an Upflex workspace strategy advisor.